No Brainer - Don't Drink and Drive

Several years ago, I remember a poor henpecked husband being banned from driving because he gave in to is wife and took her to the Boxing Day sales for another pair of new shoes she did not need. He knew that and he said that! He had enjoyed his Christmas Day and he really wanted to stay home; there was some serious sport on the TV and his armchair beckoned!

However, her charms won him round and he whisked her into town in their car. It was around eleven in the morning and he had a late breakfast. He was stopped by the Police in his car on a routine check - he was breathalysed and charged with driving while under the influence. He was banned for the minimum twelve months - his last glass of wine was at around midnight on Christmas Night; he had enjoyed his Christmas Day!

As from 5th December the drink driving limit has reduced - only allowing 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Probably the equivalent to one pint of lager or only one glass of wine - but maybe not! Alcohol passes through our systems in varying degrees depending on our own metabolism.  The new law means that driving the morning after the night before can seriously risk you losing your licence.

The best course of action is to adopt a zero alcohol policy if driving and wait a good while before driving the morning after the night before!

The Courts impose a statutory minimum period of disqualification if you are only marginally over the limit. That period is a massive twelve months! The Court has no choice but to impose such a ban.

That particular husband now has his licence back after his ban and all is well again in their household this Christmas. He will no doubt win the argument this year and be allowed to stay out of the car.

His wife ended up not buying the shoes.

No Brainer - Don't Drink and Drive

Posted by Tony Anderson at 11/12/2014 12:19:07
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